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   LIFE SKILLS - Mrs. G Hudnall




A.  Schedule                                                                                                                                                  

1ST               7:50-8:40          Conference                                                                                                                  

2ND-8TH      8:45-3:25          Life Skills            



B.  At Home Development
1.  follow directions                             
2.  follow directives immediately

3.  use inside voice when appropriate     
4.  practice sympathy when appropriate      
5.  practice selfless acts

6.  bathe, deodorize & brush teeth daily
7.  count money
8.  clean up after self
9.  practice manners
10.organize personal items



C. Classroom Rules

1. I will respect myself enough to get an education.
2. I will respect others enough that they can get an education.
3. I will respect authority.

Possible Corrections                                                                      

warning, time out, privilege loss, loss of outside/inside activities, write sentences, contact parents/counselor/police/administration, school detention/suspension

Possible Rewards

praise, special inside/outside activities, tangible rewards, extra computer time, chart advancement, gift certificate drawing and/or special choices



D. Special Projects

1. Gulliver’s Travels

2. Solve basic problems independently



E. Community Based Instruction

Pizza Hut          9-20-16

Walmart            9-27-16



                                      ***ALL GRADES WEIGHTED EQUALLY***





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