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Welcome to Mr. Owen's online classroom.


Check out the video by clicking on the link below...

We will be learning some awesome stuff this year in Algebra II and Pre-Calculus!  

I look forward to being your teacher!

Student’s Rules for Success:

1.  Be on time—class starts when you enter my room.

2.  Be prepared—bring supplies, we will work every day.

3.  Do your best—come with an open mind and ask questions (clarification).

4.  Courtesy at all times—raise your hand to talk or move around the classroom.

5.  Talk in appropriate voice—if time is given for talking.

6.  Keep work space clean: all items should be returned before dismissing to next class.


General Classroom Rules:

1.  Enter the classroom quietly.

2.  Do not disrupt or bother your classmates.

3.  Follow directions at all times.

4.  Respect yourself and others.

5.  Follow all school rules.


Needed for Class at all times:

1.  Pencil

2.  Red Pen

3.  Notebook paper

4.  Calculator (provided by school)

5.  Textbook/Workbook (provided by school)

6.  3-Ring Binder


How Grades are determined for Algebra II:

            40%-------------------Daily Work, Labs, Homework, Quizzes

            20%-------------------6 Weeks Test

            40%-------------------Tests, Projects


How Grades are determined for Pre-Calculus:

            30%-------------------Daily Work, Labs, Homework, Quizzes

            20%-------------------6 Weeks Test

            50%-------------------Tests, Projects

Make-up work is the responsibility of the student:  see student handbook

(Ask about make-up work at the end of class, not during).

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