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Welcome to the Family & Consumer Science Department.  Please take a few moments to explore the website. 

Please be advised this year in my class we will be doing the majority of our work using Google Classroom, Google DOCs, Google Slides.  Please become familiar with the free programs that are accessible from any computer, chromebook, and smart phone.



The following policies are in place in my class:

1. All students will place their cell phones in a designated place at the beginning of each class. Cell phones will be returned at the end of each class. 

2. Phones should be off/silent when turned in.

3. If a student does not turn in their cell phone and is caught using their device during class, or if their cell phone goes off, they will face the following consequences:

             1. Cell phone will be turned in to the office as outlined by FISD policy. 

             2.First violation will result in 3 detentions at a time of my choosing.

             3. Second and all subsequent violations will result in a discipline referral for extended school or other                        consequences as deemed appropriate and approved by Mr. Whitaker.                    

             4. This policy is subject to revision at any time, and will be updated on my website. 


Required Supplies will be due on or before September 4, 2016.

2 Composition Notebooks                                                                                                                           *2 boxes of facial tissues
*1 Canisters of Disinfectant Wipes

*These items will remain in the classrrom and will NOT go to your locker/car/home.  

As always you will need pens and or pencils to write with daily.

Please note that other materials may be needed for certain projects.  Lists will be made available when the time comes.

I will try very hard to keep this web-page updated however a good rule of thumb is to always check your Google Classroom Page it will stay updated daily with homework, activities, projects, tests etc.  I hope this helps answer some of your questions.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime through email at, by phone at (903) 389-4177 or just come by and visit with me during my conference period from 7:50-8:40 A.M.



These codes will only be availabe unitl August 30th!  After that the classes will be closed to only the students enrolled. I have put course syllibi and supply lists on those Google Classroom pages.  Please see the class you are enrolled in for details on the class and supply lists.  Homework and daily assignments will always be on those sites, there should never be a question of what did we do today.  Look on the Google Classroom Page to see.



3rd Period Principles of Hospitality & Tourism:  Code   7iratv

4th Period Culinary Arts & Restautrant Mangement Classes:  Code   0o3jmqc

5th Period Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management Classes:  Code  gjx36x5

6th Period Family & Community Services:  Code   pc1m6t

7th Period Family & Community Services:  Code   sptvecz

8th Period Principles of Hospitality & Tourism:  Code   ckkkf6a





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