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Class Rules & Procedures

Class Procedures


Course Description  - Earth and Space Science

In Earth and Space Science, students conduct laboratory and field investigations, use scientific methods during investigations, and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving. Students study a variety of topics that include Earth and its place is the universe, fossils records, plate tectonics, weather systems, oceans, systems, and energy sources.  Students who successfully complete Earth and Space Science will develop an understanding of Earth’s system in space and time. Class structure will be designed to engage students, and will include class discussion, student-driven content, problem-solving, hands-on activities, student-centered projects, and cooperative learning. Earth and Space Science is a Senior Level class, and will be conducted as such.  We will practice good time management, personal responsibility, and increase our technology skills in preparation for higher education, the military, or the entry in the workforce.


Course Description - IPC

In IPC (Integrated Chemistry and Physics), students conduct field and laboratory investigations using scientific methods, and make informed decisions using critical thinking and problem solving. Students study a variety of topics that include: nature of science; safe laboratory practices; structures and properties of matter; classification of matter; changes in matter and energy; motion, forces, and energy; and the effects of waves in everyday life. Students will investigate how science is an integral part of our daily lives. Class structure will be designed to engage students, and will include class discussion, problem-solving, hands-on activities, journaling, and labs.

Class Procedures

  • When you enter, check the board or overhead for bell-work or assignments.
  • Turn in cell phone. (See Classroom Cell Phone Policy)
  • The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. I will make every effort to have you ready to go on time.
  • Please do not ask to leave the room unless it is an emergency. Take care of business between classes. Tardies will not be tolerated.
  • Bring ALL materials EVERYDAY. Please do not come to class without pens, highlighters, books, labs, paper, etc. You will not be allowed to borrow from classmates. You may receive a zero for any assignments of the day.
  • You will be allowed to store materials in your personal drawer/box. You MAY NOT access another student’s drawer/box without asking me first. Any violation may be considered academic dishonesty and or/theft and will be treated as such.

Grading Policy

  • Six Weeks Tests           –          20%
  • Quizzes/Tests/Projects–          40%
  • Daily Assignments       –          40% (Labs, Homework, Classwork)

J I will drop one daily grade or quiz each six weeks with no more than 1 tardy and no discipline problems.

Assignment Headings

All assignments and tests MUST have the following heading in the upper right-hand corner:

            First and Last Name

            Class and Section


            Title (Including page number and problems)




Missed Assignments/Late Work

  • All assignments are due when stated. Assignments due at the beginning of class must be in the in box during the first 3 minutes of class, or be submitted online before due date/time.
  • Please get all lecture notes from your classmates after an absence. This is very important. We still have class when you are not there. J
  • After an excused absence, you must come see me to set a due date for any missed work. Please check the website for homework assignments.  No work will be accepted after the due date, or if you fail to come see me.
  • Any assignment that is DUE on the day you are absent will be DUE on the day you return. Only work assigned while absent may be made up. ATHLETES, PLEASE REMEMBER TO GET ALL ASSIGNMENTS BEFORE YOU LEAVE. THEY WILL BE DUE ON THE REGULAR DUE DATE.
  • Any missed labs will need to be completed on your own time, usually before or after school. You will also need to make arrangements for that. Any labs that cannot be completed outside of class may be replaced with an equivalent assignment.


  • Late work is any work not turned in or submitted when stated. It will result in a loss of 30 points. Work more than one day late will not be accepted. No exceptions. If an assignment has been graded, returned, or discussed, an alternate grade may be given at the teacher’s discretion. The alternate assignment will still have a maximum grade of 70.

Life happens to us all! If you are having difficulties, please see me before class or during my conference period so that we can work together to find a solution. I am on your side, and I want you to be successful. If you are behind, lost, confused, frustrated….then your brain will shut down! Please ASK for help. I cannot help if I do not know you need it. J


Class Rules

1. Please respect instructor, classmates, and class materials. Disrespect and rudeness will be considered a disciplinary problem.

2. Bring all materials to class ready to go, including pencils, completed homework, and prepared lab reports.

3. Cell phone/personal devices are strictly prohibited during class time without prior permission. In addition to FISD consequences, students who violate class useage rules may be subject to further disciplinary actions. 

4. Please be in your own seat on time and remain there unless instructed otherwise. If you are not seated, you may be counted tardy.

5. Keep the areas around your station clean and free from clutter. You may be penalized during lab if the walkways are obstructed. Do not place trash or books in lab stations.

6. Always take responsibility for your actions. It is better to “own up” to a mistake than to make matters worse by lying, arguing, or denying it. J

7. All Fairfield ISD Rules & Regulations will also be enforced, including the dress code.



I will always be fair, but problems will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Consequences may include:

  • Classroom reprimand
  • Computer use restrictions/loss of cell phone 
  • Disciplinary assignment
  • Assignment to detention
  • Parent-teacher conference
  • Referral to Office


If you are asked to step outside the room, please wait quietly by the door. If you are sent to the office, please go there and wait.


Any ongoing problems, even minor ones, will result in a parent-teacher conference.