Spanish I Objectives



Six Week Objectives

1st 6 weeks-

            Students will:

  • Explain reasons and discuss practices that promote the study of foreign language
  • Learn the alphabet and pronunciation
  • Learn about Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Discuss dates to include birthdays, current and past dates
  • Identify weather expressions
  • Conduct a simple conversations which includes a greeting, self intro, origin, residence, age & closure
  • Match articles to vocabulary words
  • Make singular vocabulary words into plurals
  • Match nouns and adjectives to agree in gender and in quantity

2nd 6 weeks-   

  • Express their likes and dislikes of at least 4 activities

Describe themselves and others          

  • Learn about Day of the Dead

3rd 6 weeks-

  • Express needs and possessions in reference to school supplies
  • Express the activities that they need to do and have to do
  • Learn to conjugate regular verbs in present tense
  • Learn locations using prepositions


4th 6 weeks-

  • Be able to order from a menu, describe their food, and conduct a short conversation with the waiter                       
  • Research Hispanic recipes
  • Be able to tell where, when, with whom, how, and why they are going to a place

5th 6 weeks-

  • Discuss relationships, names and ages, descriptions, likes/dislikes in reference to their families
  • Learn about family relationships in Spanish speaking countries
  • Discuss what activities they and others do in their free time, and how often

6th 6 weeks-

  • Identify rooms in a house and discuss the chores that take place in those rooms
  • Tell what family members are doing in certain rooms of the house and what activities have to be done, and are going to be done
  • Learn the significance of Cinco de mayo







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