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Welcome to Algebra I :) 

Update: 10/6/2016

We’re off to a GREAT start! We have been solving equaitons and inequalities. We have taken this 1st week of the 2nd six week to make sure we are good to go on solving equations. This is a fundamental skill that your child will need for the rest of their math classes. 

The lesson plans for the six weeks have already been posted. The homework assignments have not, but this lets you be aware of upcoming test dates and what we are dicussing in class.

As the year progresses, and we start discussing expanding our understanding, please be aware that if your child needs to see the lesson again, they are  more than welcome to come observe during their study hall. I am not able to tutor during this time, but sometimes it helps just seeing it again.

Welcome Statement:

It is my goal to help each student become successful in this class through positive engagement and by offering a support system when they need a mathematical shoulder. Part of this class is to become thinkers, so be prepared to think! :) 

The 1st Semester will be primarily focuesd on solving different types of equations. The 2nd Semester will be filled with applying this to how it relates to graphs. All of this is to help prepare you for your future, no matter what sort of path you choose. 

Algebra I covers a lot of material. If you are struggling, PLEASE come to tutorials! The struggling will only snowball if you procrastinate. Part of my job is to help you! Remember: I’m here FOR YOU!!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email ( katherine.johnson@fairfieldisd.org )  or by calling phone (903)389-4177. My conference period is from 7:45 – 8:30 a.m. If you need to schedule a conference, please schedule them with at least a day’s notice as a professional courtesy.

Looking forward to a GREAT year!!

Go Eagles!!



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